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Hiring Barlaston Village Hall

  1. Send a Booking Enquiry using the form below, give as much information as possible. You may be asked for additional details.

  2. BVH will provide a hire agreement which all Hirers are required to complete, sign and return.

  3. Hirers are advised to read the terms and conditions in section B of the hire agreement or within this website.

  4. Hirers are given all relevant hire information including costs which are payable along with the relevant deposit upon booking.

  5. Once the deposit, full cost and hire agreement have been received the booking is confirmed and a reference number provided.

  6. The Hirer should provide evidence of PAT testing and insurance cover for any externally provided entertainment, bar or caterer.

  7. If the Hirer requires the sale of alcohol then information will be given on how to apply for a TEN (temporary licence) with Stafford Borough Council.

  8. On the day of the hire the Hirer will be met by the booking secretary or nominated other at the hall to gain access.

  9. The booking secretary or nominated other will welcome the hirer and ensure they have everything required. The secretary will complete a Health and Safety checklist and review use of hall equipment with the Hirer.

  10. At the end of the hire the booking secretary or nominated other will return to ensure the hall is safe and secure. The hall will be checked to ensure that it is returned in the as hired condition. Once checked the treasurer is informed to refund the deposit to the Hirer.

Booking Enquiries

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