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Q. How do I book the hall?

A. You can book the hall in four easy steps …

1. Check the availability of the hall on our What's On? page.

2. Fill in and submit our booking enquiries form.

3. We’ll get back you as soon as we can, confirming availability and costs. We’ll also ask you to complete a hiring form.

4. Return the hiring form with your deposit and our booking secretary will confirm your booking.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. For hire costs please email the Booking Secretary


Q. Do I need to clean and tidy up after my event?

A. Yes please! Please leave the hall as you found it, repositioning chairs how you found them and putting tables away please.


Q. How many tables and chairs does the main hall have? What about crockery?

A. See our facilities page.


Q. Is the hall open sometimes during the week? I would like to take a look around.

A. Yes, please contact a member of the BVH Operating Committee to arrange to take a look around.

Q. Can I put up posters, banners and balloons?

A. Yes, but only use blue tack - no drawing pins please.

Barlaston Village Hall Plan

Q. I would like to hire in a Bouncy Castle. 

A. Unfortunately we cannot allow the use of Bouncy Castles because of the potential for damage to the Hall floor.

Q. How late can music and other activities go on for in the evening?

A. Our hall is in a residential area and a good relationship with our neighbours is important to us. With this in mind, no event can continue past 11pm on weekdays and midnight at weekends unless you have written permission from our village hall committee.  An extra half an hour is allowed for clearing and cleaning the hall.


Q. What happens to the rubbish from my event?

A. It's up to you as the hall hirer to dispose of your rubbish. We can allow one standard black bin bag per event which should be placed in the Browns bin by the kitchen back door. There are recycling facilities for paper, glass and cans on the Barlaston Downs Car Park, a minute’s walk from the hall. We encourage the use of these facilities. If you leave excess rubbish after your event, we may charge you for its disposal.

Q. Does the hall have a car park?

A. Yes, we have space for 20 cars with three spaces marked for wheel chair/disabled users at the front and side of the Hall.                                  

Barlaston Village Hall Car Park
Barlaston Village Hall Car Park

Q. What features do you have for disabled people?

A. We have parking spaces next to the front door specifically for the disabled. The entrance to our main Hall is the same level as the street and the side emergency exit from the main Hall has a ramp to car park level. We also have toilets suitable for disabled users, which please note can only be accessed from the main Hall.

Q. Where is the Hall?

A. Our full address is 1 Longton Road, Barlaston, Staffordshire ST12 9AA and we are about 100 metres from the junction with Station Road. Other landmarks nearby include the Village Green and the Duke of York pub. See our location page for a map.

Q. Are there any First Aid kits on site for me to use?

A. Yes, in the kitchen but please advise of any usage so it can be kept fully replenished.

Q. We are attending an event at your hall. Where can I stay nearby?

A. The Upper House hotel is within walking distance of our hall and the Trentham Gardens Estate is 3 miles away (8 minutes by car), which has a Premier Inn.

Q. Are there any local shops in the village?

A. The One Stop, a convenience store, is near the level crossing on Station Road at the bottom of our village. You will also find a number of small shops including a chemist, card & balloon shop an off-licence and butchers in Orchard Place, a few hundred metres past One Stop.

Q. Who runs the Village Hall?

A. Barlaston Village Hall is a registered charity, Number 522602. The day-to-day running is managed by the Barlaston Village Hall Committee, whom are all local volunteers.

Q. I would like a bar to serve alcoholic drinks at my event. How do I go about this?

A. Our Hall is licenced for the sale of alcohol but only with the permission and involvement of our licensee our booking secretary will provide you with the details upon request. Please note that we do not allow the consumption of alcoholic drinks on site by persons under the age of 18 years.


Q. I don't want a bar but can my guests bring their own alcoholic drinks?

A. Yes. As long as you get the prior approval of our Booking Secretary.  You and your guests are not allowed to sell any alcoholic drinks on site.  You will be held responsible and accountable for any under-age drinking or alcohol-induced misbehaviour on the property including our car park which is strictly prohibited.

Q. I would like to give my guests an alcoholic drink do I need a license?

A. No you don't need a license.  But, you must let our Booking Secretary know that you intend to give your guests alcoholic drinks free of charge. You will be held responsible and accountable for any under-age drinking or alcohol-induced misbehaviour on the property including our car park.

Q. How big is the Ruth Dickson meeting room?

The room is approximately 27 metres squared (3.63 m x 7.62 m)

Q. Do you have free wifi?

Yes! You can find the log in details on the wall in the Ruth Dickson room and near to the light switches in the main hall.

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